torsdag den 16. april 2009

Who Review #98 - the Invasion of Time

scene by scene, episode by episode

Another departure, this time Louise Jameson. Leela worked very well, I thought; Louise was really cute and had a good screen chemistry with Baker . Leela was very honest because of her naivety and thus ideal for the odd bit of comedy. But what an abysmal parting! She suddenly falls in love with someone she has hardly had contact with - HELLO! It would have been better if she stayed because of the tribe outside the citadel or something.

Tom's costume was also undergoing a basic change - as the gorgeous waistcoat (which matched his scarf, a scarf that itself has undergone a "regeneration") and red kneckerchief went. I rather liked his costume from seasons 13 through most of 15).

The best feature of the story is the seemingly treacherous Doctor in episodes one and two as he hands over Gallifrey to the Vardans (stupid aluminium foil "monsters" at first). This ambiguity hadn't been seen since the Doctor helped the Daleks back in Evil of the Daleks.

There is a funny line in light of the new Doctor - one of the Time Lords explains he isn't quick or vital anymore because of his age, being in his tenth regeneration! Furthermore, the Doctor looks at camera and says even the sonic screwdriver cannot get him out of something - if only new Who writers had that as a motto on their wall!

Otherwise, the story is all over the place, with bad acting, although John Arnatt and Milton Jones do well.

Very disappointing.

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