onsdag den 29. april 2009

Who Review #118 - Castrovalva

Davison demarcates his time strait away. He is vulnerable and likes cricket! No ahas or zany smiles and bulging eyes. However, the quick references to the past should have warned us that the show was about to keep on looking back at its history.

The story can be split in two; the first half is the Doctor struggling after his regeneration, whilst the second half takes us to Castrovalva and a fiendish trap laid by the Master.

Christopher Bidmead's script is heavy again on maths (recursion). This allows for the lovely Escheresque design and nature of Castrovalva. It is a bit arty in that way and scores well because of it - I love Escher's art.

Less impressive is the idea that Anthony Ainley disguise himself and that his character have an anagram of his name in the credits. This was to happen several more times and produce that dreary "Oh look, it's the Master" response.

A good opener.

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