torsdag den 30. april 2009

Who Review #121 - the Visitation

The trouble with this story is it consists of plot elements from the Silurians (plague), the Time Warrior (alien lands in past) and Terror of the Zygons (a stranded group of aliens want to take over the world). To compound that, the Teraleptils want to steal the TARDIS to travel around to collect androids; why not just steal the TARDIS and not go to all that trouble?

The Teraleptils themselves are terribly rubbery, you hear the squeaks everytime they move, and bumble about. The saving grace is the head, which looks excellent. The leader has a nice scar too. His death is a bit of monster horror as it bubbles and melts in the fire.

We lose an old friend in the shape of the Sonic Screwdriver, which is destroyed. If only new Who had let it remain destroyed. Its return is, as mentioned, a bane as it is now overused.

It's an OK story but hardly thrilling.

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