søndag den 19. april 2009

Who Review #106 - City of Death

scene by scene, episode by episode

This was Dr. Who abroad! That weird place France. Being Paris, France, Earth, we are treated to lovely location shots. Of course, one can question all the walking about in episode 1 from the point of view it does little for the plot.

This story is one of those where script, acting, location/studio filming, incidental music (Dudley Simpson on top form with a delightful score) and costume all succeed, resulting in a class story. The last few seasons of the Tom Baker era have some weak stories but this is certainly not one of them!

Julian Glover is wonderful as the Count; the other supporting cast delightful too.
John Cleese and the gorgeous Eleanor Bron make a cameo!

One of my favourite lines from this humerous Douglas Adams and Graham Williams script is: Doctor - "I say, what a wonderful butler; he's so violent!"

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