mandag den 6. april 2009

A Bit of Diverse Footie Stuff

The Gills look like they don't want to go up. They were gubbed 2-0 at home this Saturday by Barnet. Why, oh bloody hell, why? They took a point off league two leaders, and obvious champions, Brentford a week earlier; that is a good result in anybody's book. Some results in the week and on Saturday went the way of the Gills, so automatic promotion is not off the books. (Also, some of the last fixtures see the Gills play other top six teams and them meet each other too.)

Mission World Cup: England and Denmark won their matches. The hard times are approaching fast for Denmark, though - they have "the old enemy" Sweden twice, Hungary (at home) and Portugal (at home).

Apropos Portugal and their main man....It is time to dust off that Downfall clip again, perhaps? ( A clip I love because Hitler starts thinking of supporting a certain Kent team!)

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