fredag den 17. april 2009

Who Review #101 - the Stones of Blood

episode by episode, scene by scene

The 100th story in the show's history! (Wow, it seems ages ago since we found ourselves in a junkyard with Ian and Barbara, even though that was merely a month ago. Such is the nature of a who-athon.)

Episode 1 is quite atmospheric and wouldn't be out of place in the gothic horror of the Hinchcliffe/Holmes era. I remember it spooking me as a kid. There is a scary scene in episode 3, where two campers are turned into skeletons by the Ogri. The story changes nature quite rapidly, however, as the action moves onto a spaceship in hyperspace. The trial is a bit of fun.

The Ogri are silly; it was better when they are more of an unseen menace (such as the camper scene, when they are simply stone until touched).

Beatrix Lehmann is delightful as the slightly dotty Professor Rumsford; the character reminds me of Amelia Ducat, though, from the Seeds of Doom.

A bit of fun, but nothing special.

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