tirsdag den 14. april 2009

Who Review #95 - Image of the Fendahl

scene by scene, episode by episode

Another bit of horror and one that scared me as a child too. There is indeed that nightmare quality of not being able to run from an approaching danger - the hiker in the woods in episode 1 was an example of that. There is a black magic/covern aspect of the story but interestingly all necessary and planned by the Fendahl for its rebirth millions of years ago!

There are some solid performances. I particularly liked Daphne Heard as Grandma Tyler - a bit of a battleaxe, who knows the old ways and has seconds sight, but also cutesie in making tea and fruitcake. Wanda Ventham's Thea is a tragic figure; she is the source of the Fendahl's rebirth and used by the covern; if the Doctor hadn't escaped from a cupboard, where he was locked up, then he could have saved her because she went there to get his help.

There are some weak spots, like the Fendahl (Ventham) being a golden women who floats about alot, not doing much. However, the story is thoroughly enjoyable.

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