mandag den 20. april 2009

Who Review #109 - the Horns of Nimon

The basic plot is OK (Nimons travelling from place to place, via black holes, living like vampires). However, the Nimons are really quite proposterous: the head is out of proportion to the body and they wear flares and ridiculous platform shoes, the latter making it impossible for the actors to do anything but dawdle after their intended victims. They have a silly roar too.

The characters are limp. (e.g. Janet Ellis spends most of the story saying her hero will kill the Nimon.) Graham Crowden is simply camp as Soldeed - I am still trying to figure out if that was his intention!

This story would turn out to be the last of the season because of a strike at the Beeb. Perhaps what was to come was a result of the show looking a bit tired? I certainly must admit, looking back, that the Tom Baker era was definately brilliant during the first few years but went a tadge flat when Graham Williams took over the role of Producer.

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