torsdag den 30. april 2009

Who Review #125 - Arc of Infinity

Season 20 opens with another look at the past - 20 years of the show, hmmm? - and one of the sojourns to foreign climes for location filming, Holland this time.

Omega is back and this time it's personal!(The Three Doctors.) Well, he wants the Doctor in order to re-enter the world of matter. Once again, Omega evokes a sense of pity - the despair of being trapped in a lonely prison of an anti-matter world for giving Time Lords the power to travel in time - rather than hatred. That is to Peter Davison's credit as he (as Omega) runs about Amsterdam and portrays wonder at an organ grinder and a little child that smiles at him.

Omega's henchmen - the Ergons - are silly looking, skeletal chickens. Nuff said. How did he get a TARDIS?

The memorable moment for me is when Davison looks at Colin Baker (Maxil) and says "I'm the Doctor" and is promptly shot. We should have seen it coming! The symbolism.... OK, I am using hindsight but still.

The guest cast is OKish with Michael Gough as Hedin, Paul Jerricho as Castellan and Elspet Gray as Thalia (I loved her Queen in the first Blackadder!). Ian Collier's Omega isn't as impressive as Steven Thorne's but that is a question of taste.

It's alright and enjoyable.

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