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Who Review #115 - Warrior's Gate

scene by scene, episode by episode

Classic Adric
Adric - Why don't we dematerialise and go!
Doctor and Romana - NO!!!
Romana - There are slaves on that ship [i.e. you thoughtless little...]

The story is quite complex and very unlike any other story. The problem is so much is left unresolved! I didn't make head nor tail of this when I was a kid; I am sure that still applies now. You need to see the story again to get some of the plot nuances.

The make-up/wigs/prosthetics for the Tharil creatures (half humanoid, half lion) is wonderous.

On the whole, the story is quite boring. I still cannot get into it.

Warrior's... sees the departure of K9 (until the Sarah Jane Adventures and "School Reunion") and Romana.

K9 was obviously past his sell by date in the proceeding season, spending most of his time in pieces or not doing much. The writers' ideas had run dry. Despite that, you're a good dog K9! "Affirmative Gray!"

Romana was an OK character. From the shallow side, I had a crush on Tamm but not Ward. (Tom did, as Lalla and Tom were married for a while around the time.) Whilst interesting, I don't think the Time Lady aspect of Romana was examined nearly enough. There was too much of the typical Earth female, screamer campanion about her. Mary and Lalla did have their good points and stories, though.


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