torsdag den 9. april 2009

Who Review #83 - Pyramids of Mars

scene by scene, episode by episode

This is Robert Holmes's take on the classic mummy horror story and a very effective yarn too, since he mixes Egyptian mythology with a sprinkling of von Danicken (Sutekh is part of the alien Osirians, thought of as gods by the Egyptians in the story).

There are so many good features in this story. The music is good and atmospheric (organ music now and then); the costumes are nice (Liz Sladen is just sassy, dressed as an Edwardian lady); there are a number of good sets. Bernard Archard puts in a wonderful performance as Professor Scarman - his white face and dead countenance are terribly spooky, which is as it should be since Scarman is an animated corpse!

There are two things I remembered quite distinctly from childhood: when the poacher was crushed between two mummies, and when the black clad figure came out of the time tunnel and killed the Egyptian. The latter is pure horror as smoke rises from the footsteps it makes and then smoke rises from the Egyptian when it kills him. Lovely special effect.

There are some great scenes and dialogue: the Doctor moaning about UNIT; seeing the alternative future if Sutekh is not stopped; Sarah remonstrating with the Doctor at seemingly being callous at a death and not being human, only for him to tell her he isn't human.

One of the Baker classics.

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