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Who Review #117 - Logopolis

A sad story. I actually had tears in my eyes at the end when I was a kid; after seven years, Tom Baker left the show. I think my favourite part of his era must be the first three seasons (12, 13 and 14).

the Tom Baker era
"would you like a jelly baby?"
scarf, teeth, big blue eyes, curls

Logopolis has some excellent incidental music, courtesy of Paddy Kingsland; it isn't intrusive and adds to the story as it does have a melancholic tone at times, reflecting the end of a great era. The city is well made too - both in the modelling and the set design.

The plot has lots of science for a change: the idea that using computers would affect the result so Logopolitans do their maths using their brains and that their combined efforts function as a programme in a processor; the laws of thermodynamics (notably the 2nd Law, on entropy). There is also the naff ideas of the Master broadcasting to the Universe and Nyssa and Adric seeing the entire Universe (although, apparantly, that would be possible in a Black Hole).

The story introduces Miss. Leatherlungs herself: Janet Fielding's Aussie character Tegan. She's a bit hammy at times though. Anthony Ainley gets a fuller exposure, of course, as the Master and he is simply camp. You half expect him to twirl his moustache, whilst he chuckles.

All in all, a good story and a nice send off for Tom (including flashback scenes of companions and monsters). As his face shimmers, the new Doctor appears. It's Tristan Farnon!

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