mandag den 27. april 2009

Who Review #116 - the Keeper of Traken

The penultimate Tom Baker story sees Adric and the Doctor finally out of E-Space and on their way to Traken. There is the slight problem of the Keeper: what does he do and if he has the power to take control of the TARDIS and pop in, why hasn't the Black Guardian sought his revenge, especially since the Doctor removed the randomiser? Ah, the joys of Whovian nerdishness....Still, the Doctor has another enemy to battle: the Master, who reappears after a four year break. (The Deadly Assassin.)

There is a good guest cast with Anthony Ainley as Tremas (and the regenerated Master), John Woodnutt as Seron (he was also the Draconian Emperor and Broton the Zygon), Margot van der Berg as Katura (she was Cameca, the Aztec, from season 1) and Sheila Ruskin as Kassia. Also, we are introduced to Sarah Sutton as Nyssa.

The Master escapes in the end and unfortunately begins to pop up in story after story. If the Master was overused back in the Pertwee days, the use of the Master became simply batty from now on.

The make-up wasn't as good for this Master, nor was I all that impressed with Geoffrey Beevers performance.

The story is nicely paced though and is quite good.

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