fredag den 17. april 2009

Who Review #103 - the Power of Kroll

episode by episode, scene by scene

There are some nice shots of the Maltings in Suffolk and the studio shots are OK. Kroll is badly realised whilst the locals (the Swampies) wouldn't be out of place selling corn as the actors are merely painted green. The swampies raise an eyebrow because they chant, hop and wave spears, which conjures up the rather racist images of Africans in old films. (The end of episode 1 has an uncanny similarity to the original King Kong film, what with Romana's sacrifice and the huge gate between the tribe and the huge monster.) The acting isn't particularly inspired.

There is a bit of social commentary: colonists and primitives, getting resources and destroying nature. But that had been covered before in the series.

I find this story a bit tedious and certainly not Holmes's best.

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