torsdag den 29. juni 2017

A World Without Money or Politicians

Just received this pamphlet in the post. I shall be reviewing it for the Socialist Standard.

Its author is my old coach at the Rugby Union club I played for here in Denmark.

torsdag den 22. juni 2017

Know your place and keep silent (as if they listen anyway).

Blah! Suffered more ill health, so wasn't up to blogging.

I shall have to finish transcribing the Religion and Socialism pamphlet.

The Grenfell disaster really does show how obscene Capitalism is. For goodness sake, 70+ people died because they were workers and accommodated in unsafe flats. The tenants were ignored when they raised concerns. Latest news is the materials in the building, upon combustion, created Hydrogen Cyanide. Those poor souls probably didn't stand a chance even if there was an alarm bell.

The survivors and community are talking in class terms. After all, look at how some are treated and protected, notably at Kensington Palace, and others are left to worry about tomorrow.

Worryingly, 600 buildings in Britain are similar to Grenfell. (PM May in the Commons.)