torsdag den 9. april 2009

Who Review #82 - Planet of Evil

Scene by scene, episode by episode

There is a heavy "Forbidden Planet" influence to this story (and a touch of dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde).

The sets for Zeta Minor are simply impressive; once again the production team were able to create an alien jungle. The coloured lighting, smoke, incidental music, some neat sound effects and strong script in episodes 1 and 2 made the place come alive and feel dangerous. The effects used for the monsters were very impressive too.

Planet of Evil is one of the stories that truly scared me as a child because of its atmosphere. The deaths were rather nasty: the anti-matter monster attacks (unseen mostly) leaving a husk of a corpse, which was really unpleasant to kiddie eyes! There was something similar on Space 1999, also nasty as far as I remember, where some creature would grab hold of Moonbase Alpha folk, consume them and spit out a skeleton; the link here is another guest appearance of Prentis Hancock.

However, the big flaw is way anti-matter is handled. They are walking about in an anti-matter part of the universe? It can infect you like a virus and turn you into the Wolfman? I don't think so! The story gets a off the boil and contrived as soon as the action moves to the spaceship.

Still, for all the chills and thrills...

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