fredag den 10. april 2009

Who Review #84 - the Android Invasion

scene by scene, episode by episode

Dr. Who meets the Body Snatchers! I have never been overly impressed by the story, which I find a bit boring. I put that down to: the hollow UNIT appearance (only Benton, Harry and a Corporal played by Who regular Max Faulkner appear) in its swansong...well, until the Sylvester MacCoy era story Battlefield and New Who; the Kraals aren't all that interesting a monster. This was to be the last Who appearances of John Levene and Ian Marter - the latter passed away at a tragically early age some years ago.

Episode 1 isn't bad in that it creates the mystery of the story. There is some nice location filming at the village of East Hagbourne and surrounding countryside in Oxfordshire.
My childhood memory of this story is the scene where android Sarah's face falls off at the end of episode 2 - that really scared me!

It's not an awful story, just...dull.

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