lørdag den 11. april 2009

who review #90 - the Face of Evil

scene by scene, episode by episode

This is yet another story where a bit of this and that can be chucked together in a studio to create an alien jungle and look good. The jungle sounds are the ever trustworty ones used in so many other stories.

There's a good support cast in this charming story about a schizophrenic computer and an Earth crew that has developed in two different ways through the generations (a little bit H.G.Wells inspired, no doubt). Chris Boucher's script has a number of witty lines: the Doctor arriving and seemingly addressing the viewers; the scene where Neeva performs a shamen ritual and the Doctor tries pointing out the nature of the dangerous machinery being waved about; "Would you like a jelly baby?" "It is true - the evil one does eat babies"; and so forth.

The story really stands out though because it introduces another of my favourite companions: Louise Jameson as Leela. There was a decided lack of leg on show from the arrival of Sarah Jane. Leela makes up for that aplenty in her tribal skins! It is famously said Dads hung about to watch Doctor Who after Grandstand had finished. Actually, the reason I like Leela so much is not because of Louise running about in a skimpy costume but the play that would arise in pairing off the scientific Doctor with a savage warrior. But more as we go further with my little Who Reviews. Allons-y, to coin a phrase.

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