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Who Review #88 - the Hand of Fear

scene by scene, episode by episode

Sniff, cry...and all that. Hand... saw Liz Sladen depart (until K-9 and Company, New Who and the spin-off series the Sarah Jane Adventures). I love her common sense, strong character and that she could always give as good as she got in a verbal duel, be it with the Doctor or someone else. Certainly my favourite companion.
Classic Sarah
Her andy pandy like costume.

The story is really carried by Liz Sladen and and Judith Paris (Eldrad). Liz plays a possessed Sarah for a large part of the story and our loveable friend is quite creepy as she blasts people with a blue ring and says "Eldrad must live!" Judith Paris is a femme fatale - she manages to be attractive whilst also being icy cold and murderous; the make up and bluish crystal costume look gorgeous and they match her eyes!

Weak spots are the proposed nuclear strike on an atomic power station to deal with Eldrad (come again???) and the rather unsatisfactory ending to the action on Kastria.

Sarah's goodbye scene is very touching and ends the last link to the Pertwee era.

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