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Who Review #113 - Full Circle

scene by scene, episode by episode

There have been very few male companions in Dr.Who. My favourites are, though, Frazer Hines as Jamie, William Russell as Ian and Peter Purvis as Steven. I don't count the UNIT family as companions but they were a fun lot. Ian Marter was OK as Harry. (I'll wait with Mark Strickson as Turlough.) And then there is Matthew Waterhouse as Adric, the mathematical prodigy.

Adric is introduced in this story and right from the go he does nothing but irritate. He irritated me all the way through the series until he was killed in Earthshock, something fondly remembered by fans! Adric is, without a doubt, the second most awful companion in the show's history. The top spot goes, of course, to Bonnie Langford as Mel....

Classic K9
Romana - "He can be repaired. In fact, we always seem to be repairing him."

Classic Adric
Moan, moan, moan
"Of course I am better than you. I am an elite!"
He is partially responsible for the Decider's death

OK, enough Adric sniping for the mo; time to review the story!

The story was written by Whovian Andrew Smith and it is a very good effort. Most fan fiction tends to be utter pants; this is the exception. I guess my own criticisms of the show should be measured by the fact I would have written a load of old rubbish had I given it a try!

The Marshmen look a bit rubbery and remind one of the Creature from the Black Lagoon but they are good despite that. The Marsh Child is the only real glimpse we get of what they are like and the little segment of the story with it is rather sad as we see its fear, confusion, like for the Doctor and ultimate death. As for the spiders which attack Romana....Well, they look only a shade better than the ones we saw in Planet of the Spiders.

There is some solid acting and overall good production for this yarn. It is a vast improvement over quite a few of the proceeding stories.

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