torsdag den 30. april 2009

Who Review #124 - Time Flight

The Master reappears. Quite why he is disguised as Kalik for two episodes is never explained. (Nor is the green ooze Kalik discharges towards the end of episode 2; Antony Ainley puking at the awful script?)

Time Flight is an awful bit of pish. Everyone is popping into the TARDIS now and able to fly it.

The story has its bits of "look backs" with an implied referance to "the Faceless Ones" and explicit referances to Adric, Full Circle, Keeper of Traken, the Visitation and that the Doctor is given a green light on presenting his UNIT credentials. (The latter is only fair as he is still their scientific advisor, in theory.)

Some Whovians love this story. But then we Whovians are a bit sad! :-)


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