fredag den 12. juni 2009

Who Review #145 to 148 - the Trial of a Timelord

This is the longest story in Who history, coming in at 14 episodes; however, like many other fans, I tend to cut it into four stories: The Mysterious Planet, Mindwarp, Terror of the Vervoids and the Ultimate Foe.

The best review I have read is on the BBC website. It pretty much coincides with my own thoughts.

I think C.B. was a bit better as the Doctor in these episodes but he didn't get the chance to show what he could have been; the result being, he remains my least favourite Doctor. Nicola Bryant left in what could have been truly dramatic fashion; as a companion, I didn't like her much. Her best role was in Caves of Androzani. Her replacement is the unbelievably dire Mel (Bonnie Langford), the worst companion since Adric.

This terribly jumbled and, at times, rather tedious story has its good parts: Glitz is a funny character; Brian Blessed is his usual roaring, larger than life self in Mindwarp, which also sees the marvellous Sil return. The Vervoid episodes are the best. Some of the costumes and sets in the various settings look really good.

But on the whole, a great disappointment (because the Valeyard and whole trial is a stupid idea) and marking the beginning of the end....

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