fredag den 12. juni 2009

Who Review #140 - Vengeance on Varos

Peri and the Doctor spend most of the first episode trapped in the TARDIS, whilst a lot of the action, or the scenes, centre on events on Varos.

Martin Jarvis makes another Who appearence, along with Jason Connery. The best supporting actor, though, is Nabil Shaban who plays the creature Sil. His costume, a little green maggot-like creature, as well as his voice and mannerisms are marvellous.

Varos is a quirky little world - the voters vote via TV buttons and get rid of governors because they get vapourised after No votes, and it does have "1984" overtones. The viewers are treated to executions for entertainment; in fact, watch TV is all the people do, so that they do not revolt; it's the old bread and circuses for the proles. Part of the story reminds one of "Running Man", as viewers watch prisoners try to get through deadly traps.

Once again, the Doctor is the irritant. He casually kills guards - vapourising one, throwing two in an acid bath, setting a trap which kills a few more.

It's an OK story and probably one of the better stories in C.B's reign.

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