torsdag den 11. juni 2009

Who Review #129 - Enlightenment

The Guardian Trilogy comes to a disappointing end as the Black Guardian is quickly dispatched by Turlough.

That said, there is a lot I enjoyed about this story. Lynda Baron (the b-b-b-buxum Nurse Gladys from Open All Hours) is totally OTT as a Pirate Captain, complete with pantomime cackle. (One reviewer has described her portrayal as thigh slapping enthusiasm!) There are also some nice parts by Keith Baron and Christopher Brown. The first episode built up quite well, with the memorable cliffhanger. The incidental music is quite good.

The Eternals are interesting enemies - intelligent and telepathic but also empty shells of beings without humans, inhabitants of nothingness, immortal. They bring to mind the Celestial Toymaker, although no link has ever been made between the two.

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