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Who Review #144 - Revelation of the Daleks

After a number of irritating and poor stories, here comes C.B's best. It's a six out of six stars in case you are wondering.

There are some great characters and performances: the hopelessly infatuated Tasambeker (Jenny Tomasin, who was in Upstairs, Downstairs) and Jobel (Clive Swift, Richard in Keeping Up Appearances); William Gaunt as Grand Knight of Oberon, Orcini and John Ogwen as Bostock, the Knight's squire; Alexei Sayle as the OTT DJ; Eleanor Bron as the OTT Kara.

Terry Molloy gives what I think is his best Davros here. He exudes menace and insanity. The scenes where he cackles hysterically stick out in one's mind. The Daleks are quite good in this; there is now a battle between Dalek factions and both are just as evil.

The atmosphere of the story is quite dark in places, thanks to OK scenes and incidental music.

Not for the first time, this is a story which moves along OK without Peri or C.B's Doctor about. That's rather telling about this era, really.... And Dr.Who vanished, for 18 months. Ratings were collapsing and the programme was close to being cancelled. Even old fans like myself had lost interest. It is only in recent years that I have actually watched the entire Colin Baker years and tried to find something positive. (Colin Baker, it should be said, is a fine fella and really enthusiastic about the show; it hardly seems fair to pan him so much.)

The crisis spawned this song, which is simply dreadful - a bit of a Band Aid style song, only in bad taste, with *celebs* and Nicola Bryant showing her singing was worse than her acting. One of the writers Ian Levine (a big Whovian) said this of his effort:

It was an absolute balls-up fiasco. It was pathetic and bad and stupid. It tried to tell the Doctor Who history in an awful high-energy song. It almost ruined me.

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