fredag den 12. juni 2009

Who Review #139 - Attack of the Cybermen

This story opens season 22 and brings back the silver giants. Like the proceeding season's Dalek story, this one is full of references to past stories (the Invasion - the sewers; the Tomb of the Cybermen - Telos and the Cyber Controller, played by the same actor, only 30kg later; and of course the Tenth Planet - Mondas; Totter's Lane appears again - An Unearthly Child). Once more, just about everybody is killed. Maurice Colbourne's Lytton returns and we see a grusome scene where the Cybermen crush his hands.

Classic Peri
Running about in shorts and a leotard, leaving little to the imagination.

The thing about the story is Tomb of the Cybermen, with its 60s "high-tech", is far superior than this twaddle, which was always an inevitable comparison. As is the fact Troughton was a better Doctor.

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