torsdag den 11. juni 2009

Who Review #132 - Warriors of the Deep

This story saw the return of two classic (Pertwee) monsters: the Silurians and the Sea Devils. It was such a shame that the story is just a load of rubbish.

Basically, everybody gets killed except the Doctor and companions, as the Sea Devils and Silurians enter a sea base. The reptiles are intent on killing all humans by prompting a global nuclear war so the Doctor's sympathies for them are a faux-pas attempt at recreating the Pertwee-esque compassion of the previous, lovely stories. The reptiles look absolutely terrible: the Silurians have had an overhaul, look rubbery and have terrible voices, while the Sea Devil costumes didn't fit the actors plus they were dressed in daft looking samurai type costumes.

The epitomy of badness has got to be the Myrka (a pantomime horse costume which was supposed to look like a terrifying reptilian creature) and the cringe inducing scene where Ingrid Pitt suddenly thinks she is Bruce Lee and tries to fight it. The resolution of the story is pretty much telegraphed at the start when the time travellers find gas canisters, the gas being toxic to marine creatures and reptiles.

There is really not much to write home about.

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