fredag den 12. juni 2009

Who Review #142 - The Two Doctors

This is the worst story to come from Robert Holmes' pen. The Sontarans, after a long break, and Jamie and Troughton's Doctor might sound like an attractive idea; they are wasted here, alas. It's another jumbled up piece of twaddle. It meanders and bores and is truly stupid in places.

The 2nd Doctor is travelling with Victoria (conveniently dumped somewhere to learn graphology...huh?) and Jamie, yet talks about his trial and that he is even on a job for the Time Lords (totally at odds with the War Games).

Blake 7's delightful Servalan aka Jacqueline Pearce makes an appearance. I think the best part was John Stratton's Shockeye, a cook who will serve anything and that includes humans.

Classic Peri
another bikini top and basically her costume through the story, which included a headband worthy of a 1980s pop band.

The shots in Seville are nice, but...ermmm....

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