onsdag den 11. marts 2009

Who Review #4 - the Edge of Destruction

Leaving Skaro and the defeated Daleks, the TARDIS crew are knocked out. When they recover, they discover strange things are happening in the ship. The Doctor suspects Ian and Barbara of sabotage; Barbara thinks something may be in the TARDIS. The paranoia grows until they realise that the fast return switch is jammed, sending the ship careering off to the start of creation. The weird goings-on and everyone's behaviour have been caused by the TARDIS, trying to warn them of the fault. The Doctor fixes the fast return switch.

This is one of the more curious stories in the show's history. It is a mere two episodes and only features the main cast, with all the action set inside the TARDIS. It's an interesting idea. The bits that irritate me with the story are Carole Ann's scenes; she is just OTT and annoying. Jacqueline Hill, on the other hand, puts in a stella performence.

I agree with some reviewers when they say the story works well as a little binding glue in the first season that allows character development. The story introduces an interesting new character: the TARDIS itself! For the next 40 odd years, the faithful Police Box would appear to have a mind of its own and hinted at being almost alive.

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