fredag den 20. marts 2009

Never Say Die in Football

AaB (Aalborg) looked more or less dead and buried at half time in last night's UEFA cup, second leg, match against Manchester City. They hadn't created any chances and were down 2-0 from the first leg at the City of Manchester ground.

They put a great amount of pressure on City in the second half and managed to net twice in the last ten minutes - their second was a penalty in the 90th minute. Alas for AaB, they eventually lost out on penalties. City were a bit lucky. I like what Simon Burnton wrote about City in his live coverage in the Guardian: "Basically they're a half-decent side, with a strong streak of total moronicness built in." The Danish commentators were a bit sarcastic about the millions that have been spent by the new club owners.

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