tirsdag den 17. marts 2009

who review #34 - the Moonbase

Only episodes 2 and 4 exist of this four parter.

The TARDIS lands on the Moon. A moonbase has been built their. It houses the Gravitron; a mechanism for controlling Earth's weather. Strange things are happening though. There are sudden decreases in air pressure from time to time and staff have been afflicted by a mystrious virus. Furthermore, the Gravitron is developing a malfunction. The ill men go missing. It soon turns out that the Cybermen are behind all this. The Doctor finds the cause or the infection. A cyber virus is being spread through the moonbase's sugar supply. He finds an antidote. The Cybermen have been using the infected men for their purpose, which is to take over the Gravitron. They are defeated when the Gravitron is pointed at the Moon's surface, propelling the Cybermen into space.

Classic Polly

Polly: You found something?
Doctor: I only wish I had. Why not make some coffee to keep them happy while I think of something
Polly: Alright.

The Moonbase is a fun 1960s sci-fi romp but ultimately not that great a story. Their new design looks better than the Tenth Planet design (the way their mouths are just slits that open and close is effective), and the voices are also impressive with its electronic monotone. They are rarely in the action though and are fairly ineffective when they are.

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