mandag den 15. september 2008

Brian Moore's Head

Brian Moore's Head (Looks Uncannily Like London Planetarium) is the thing to read if you're interested in the Gills.

It started life as a fanzine but ceased printing a couple of years ago, preferring the bold new age of the Internet instead. Brian Moore is the only celebrity to have supported the club, hence the name. (The rest is taken from a Half Man Half Biscuit song.)

Anyway, this is what BMH had to say about the Shrewsbury game

Just when you thought it was safe to open your eyes….getting dicked 6-0 at Wolves in the Championship was one of those things you were prepared to put up with given our unprecedented lofty status; getting gubbed 6-0 at Ashton Gate in League One was bloody annoying but hardly out of character in those days of kamikaze defending and an utter lack of confidence as we slid through the division on a tide of reckless hidings. But, but, how do I put it? Some wise old crows once sung that they’d “been done seen about everything when I see an elephant fly” - well those wise old crows got to see Dumbo take to the air but they sure hadn’t seen everything. I really never thought the day would come when I witnessed GIllingham equal their record margin of defeat in a sleepy Shropshire market town.

the rest is here

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