tirsdag den 6. oktober 2015

I visited Ernst this weekend. He shakes a bit, has difficulty with balance. An old home is calling. At 89, no surprise! He can't manage the steps. This charming lad met the SPGB after he fled his home of Vienna to London, a Jew, around the time of the Anschluss.

I got a huge, heavy suitcase of books and SPGB material this weekend. He would rather have it go to an SPGB'er than a bin or 2nd hand bookshop.

One book was Barltrop's "classic": the Monument.

I ate dinner with him. He told me stories about e.g. Turner and Hardy, two remarkable speakers for the Socialist Party.

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ajohnstone sagde ...

Glad you are still around since your absence has been noticed. Hopefully you might resurrect your blogging

gray sagde ...

thanks Alan.

Ernst wrote an article for the old World Socialist about love and sexual relations from the viewpoint of a "socialist psychotherapist." http://trotfinder.blogspot.dk/2008/09/sex-in-free-society.html

imposs1904 sagde ...


glad to see you are still around. You may have noticed but I made use of all the excellent work you did in scanning in old articles a few years back for inclusion on my socialist standard archive blog:

Any chance of contacting me at the following email address?: gaitensdance@yahoo.co.uk It would be greatly appreciated.

gray sagde ...

Sure thing, Robert.

I have a huge stack of Internationale Freies Wort (the journal of the ex-Austrian comrades). Was wondering if the SPGB librarian would like them for the archives.