lørdag den 6. februar 2010

Greatest Pop Videos From the 80s (part 2) - aka "He Might Be a Bit Crazy, But He's Nobility!"

Adam Ant is someone I respect in two ways: he is creative and he is very open about his mental health issues. I really loved the twin drum sound and Adam's dandy dress when I was a kid.

the SPGB Executive Committee in session

The Cadbury's Smash advert, with the laughing martians, is a true TV classic.

mandag den 1. februar 2010

My Favourite Monty Python Song

Cleese and co. know that a socialist/communist society will have no need of exchange, of money. ("Keep your marxist ways.")

Greatest Pop Videos From the 80s (part 1)

Cold War. Spitting Image. Phil Collins and Genesis's great humour. This.