torsdag den 31. december 2009

Same Procedure....

Danish TV, 23:40, Miss Sophie and James will be going through the motions. Same procedure as every year!

the Carlsen Daily show Continues...

19 year old Magnus Carlsen will be sitting top of the pile on January 1st. He will be the youngest player in history to have the number one spot - congratulations to the prospective world champion! Anand plays Topalov around Easter; the big question is who will be the next challenger for the world title? It is not too far fetched to say Carlsen.

onsdag den 30. december 2009

Football Punditry

BBC Radio 5 Live today: "the silly season has started early, eh?"

mandag den 28. december 2009

My Infuriating New "Friend"

Fritz 12 - my big xmas gift.

I' ve got a few wins and draws so far, just don't ask how many I have lost! As usual fritz taunts you, in English, as you play . Better that, though, than in German as in my previous, ancient version , #6.... My favourite quip: "Next version, I tell knock-knock jokes."

søndag den 27. december 2009

Mark Taimanov, chess and music

Mark Taimanov

chess grandmaster and pianist
Never seen a recording before today!

lørdag den 26. december 2009

The End of Time

Just seen it! A review to come on 1st/2nd Jan

søndag den 20. december 2009