mandag den 28. september 2009

søndag den 27. september 2009

Caption Time

Schwarzenegger and deVito in Twins sequel.

The simple "WTF???" from the baby on the left is probably the best.

Bedbugs and Other Parasites.

The Royal Family is to be exempt from any cuts in public spending next year when its civil list funding is settled for the next 10 years.

Although all of the major political parties are vying to demonstrate their willingness to wield the axe on public spending, MPs will be powerless to reduce the £7.9m a year paid under the civil list because of an obscure deal struck between Buckingham Palace and the Treasury in 1972 when the current legislation governing royal finances was drawn up.

Palace officials made clear earlier this summer that they are actually seeking a rise in the annual civil list payment to cover "increased costs" despite the fact that they currently have a £21m surplus in the reserves on the civil list account.


Sometimes I think the French had a really good idea.

Gills 1 Norwich 1

Dang it, the curse of the 90th minute strikes again! They were that close to getting all three points against the Canaries.

K-K (part III)

It was over before anyone could even really begin to enjoy it. That is the shame with the recent Kasparov-Karpov match, which was won rather convincingly by Gazza: 3-1 in the rapid games and 6-2 in the eight blitz games. There should have been at least two more rapid games. The event, like everything else, had its troubles because of the economic situation.

Karpov is in danger of fading out quite quickly. He certainly didn't help himself by playing a dreadfully biteless and passive line of the Queen's Gambit Declined in his two (black) rapid games. Kasparov, on the other hand, looks as full of energy as ever. It really is a shame he retired.

onsdag den 23. september 2009

Welcome to Hell

Icon of Sin - keyboard version or death metallish version

Doom II. Some games are just too good for words!

...and Heaven (on Adelpha)


Outcast was an excellent game, with soundtrack/music supplied by the Moscow Symphony and Choir.

K-K (part II)

Game 1 of the four game rapid match wasn't much. But in game 2, Kasparov let loose a trademark sacrifice and killer attack, after a strongly played opening. Talk about chess fans shouting "wooohoooo!" all across the world at that one.

Interestingly, Karpov and Kasparov have developed a friendlier relationship now, because the former visited the latter when he was arrested for his anti-Putin activities.

søndag den 20. september 2009

K-K: 25 Years On

Gary Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov are playing a short exhibition match in Valencia, Spain, which starts tomorrow. (They also play a charity match in December.) The match marks the 25th anniversary of the first K-K World Championship match, where the young star went 5-0 down and managed to grind his way back after a tough rearguard action, only for the then Chess Federation (FIDE) President Florencio Campomanes to call off the match on the grounds that both players were suffering physical and mental collapse. My, how time does fly and what a change there has been in chess during that time.

Gazza has retired now and devotes his time, mainly, to politics in Russia, where he has been assaulted with a chessboard, arrested on an anti-Putin rally and "heckled" by a flying penis. Tolya is still a tough character but age is catching up with him - he got the worst result of his life at the recent Donostia tournament in which he came last. I imagine chuckles could be heard in the Swiss Valleys, where another K (Korchnoi, who played three matches for the world title against Karpov in 74, 78 and 81 and who has resided there since his defection from the USSR), was winning the Switzerland Championship at the grand age of 78.

Youth is slowly taking over. The shape of things to come is Magnus Carlsen. The 18 year old super-GM looks certain to be world champion one day. He has been receiving training this year from Gazza no less.

Gills News

A win over Millwall (2-0) and not even close to a draw versus Leeds....(a 4-1 away loss)

tirsdag den 15. september 2009

Time of My Life

I never grow tired of this film. Thankyou Patrick.

torsdag den 10. september 2009


.Is there exorcism in football? Possibly. England's wins away and then at home in the evening's match against Croatia has got rid of the ghost, the unhappy 3-2 loss a few years' ago; it's a bit like the 5-1 win in Munich and losses to the Germans.

The champagne is still on ice as Denmark only drew 1-1 away against Albania. That leaves 2 games at home against Hungary and Sweden. Both sides are breathing down the Danes' necks and they only have a three point cushion. The Swedes would love to gatecrash the party. Denmark has that match to exorcise itself....

mandag den 7. september 2009

And the Reds Go Marching On!

My hometown was a ghost town for 2 hours Saturday, despite it being festival week, as Denmark played Portugal at home. The Portugeuse were very strong - Ronaldo being dangerous - but what does that matter when you have man of the match Stephan Andersen between the posts, playing with all the ability and agility of a young Peter Schmeichal?

Arsenal's Niklas Bendtner sent the country into seventh heaven a few minutes before half-time with the sweetest of chested ball control and turns to smash the ball into the roof of the net. The rest of the match was a case of looking at the clock and hoping the final whistle would come. Alas, Portugal managed to equalise four minutes before full time. Sweden beat Hungary so it was a good evening - mission accomplished. Denmark are sitting very pretty on top of their World Cup qualification group and face Albania away this Wednesday. Portugal are in real danger of not making it to South Africa.

Elsewhere, the Gills have drawn 0-0 v. Walsall and won 3-0 v. Exeter.