onsdag den 8. oktober 2008

It Ain't Just Capitalism Crashing!

The blog entries will be sparse for a little while. My laptop is kaput, so there won't be much from this end of the net until I have saved enough pennies. Still, in the meanwhile I will put in an order for decades' worth of the Socialist Standard and flick through them, picking out articles for scanning and posting for when I get back.

I do hope you've found the articles and pamphlets I have posted both interesting and informative.

I joke that my fellow blogger on the SPGB's official blog (Socialism or Your Money Back) and I belong to the "put it online tendency" in the party. The Standard has been about 104 years; there is a lot of information hidden away in those yellowing pages, and quite a lot hasn't been given the wide audience possible now via the internet. With time, the SPGB hopes to have all those pages in electronic format.