lørdag den 25. september 2010

Slack Bastard

No, not Anarchist Andy in Aus', but yours truly.

Blogging isn't the fun it used to be. The paucity of posts here for 2010 should reveal that! Mind you, I have spent most of my summer working on and playing chess.

The chess was great, the highlight being the Copenhagen Chess Festival, where there were more GMs than you could wave an inflatable pawn at. I had a few drinks and chats in the Hotel bar with legendary Lajos Portisch; he was in the world elite for donkeys years and is very kind towards the average chess fan. Peter Svidler, one of the present top 10, stopped by for an exhibition match against Denmark's nr. 1 Peter Heine Nielsen. It was really inspirational to see all these great players in action.

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