mandag den 10. november 2008

Been a While

Still no laptop my, that sucks! Blogland moves so quickly it's amazing.

Anyhoo, some random bits to fill the blog until next time:

- the Gills are doing wonders. They beat Bury away at the weekend (0-1) in the FA Cup and continue to press for at least a play-off spot in League Two. The Bury win was made all the more joyous as the age old foe from Wiltshire, Sw*ndon Town, lost to Histon in the cup. (WHO???) The "foe" relationship is because Swindon have twice beaten the Gills in promotionship clinchers down the years. It's like the Denmark-Spain or England-Germany thing; Spain are always Denmark's bete noire in qualifiers (Mexico 1986 was the start of that!) and the English penalty losses to Germany are well known. Then again...England and penalties!

- I am not one of those getting an "Obamism". His victory speech spoke of challenges and whether they can be overcome - yes they can, was the fascist droning from the mob. Sorry for the hyperbole; I've never liked those mass rallies for it is a visage of the strong leader talking to people whose only role is to cry and wail and wave flags and chant slogans.

The truth is the most fundamental problems facing humanity cannot be surmounted if we maintain the capitalist system; a change in a politician won't change those fundamentals because they cannot, despite their best intentions. Certain problems can be solved, but the socialist has never denied capitalism can reform itself to a certain extent. Time will prove this to be true. I bet a million dollars that Obama will be loathed in four years time and a new person will be seen as the next big hope. Amnesia seems to be a part of working class politics so far.

- American Football continues to enthrall me. My goodness, those were good games I saw yesterday. The Titans look untouchable right now and the Colts got a get out of jail card because of interceptions at vital plays. Close games, both of them. When I visit the United States, I would love to try out the trailer bit before a football game. The Danish coverage looked at that pre-match, fan culture. It looks like true fun.

Just imagine, though, transplanting it to lower league soccer in England. The Gills vs. Carlisle in December - everyone in the car park with BBQs, suckling pig, kegs of beer and minus 5...Hmmm, not really!